We are a San Francisco creative agency.

We engage directly with visionary leaders who believe in the power of design to transform their organizations and raise their message above the noise of the marketplace. Our method is anchored by a strategic approach and a small footprint, which allows us to collaborate deeply with our clients and guide our work as designers, writers, coders, and crafters.

We have helped launch a movement, designed the Olympics (of ideas), and we make a nice cocktail. What can we do for you?

Our Capabilities

Strategy >

Each of our projects begins with a strategy: a clearly stated point of view that aligns your vision and your opportunity. From that strategy we develop a narrative — in essence, a backstory — with your audience in mind: their perspectives, their aspirations, their concerns, their desires.

Messaging >

Messaging is the act of clearly stating your business. We emphasize messaging architecture and audience segmentation in all our work on naming, branding, and the development of taglines and other copy.

Branding >

A brand experience is how you establish a true connection with your audience. This begins with the first encounter, and expands to the broad and interconnected community of customers, clients, colleagues, and others who interact with your brand over time.

Design >

Great design is the essential way your organization distinguishes itself. We are design junkies, working comfortably in digital media and print to deliver one-of-a-kind brand expressions.

Production >

We develop your finished projects with our experienced personnel, whose areas of expertise include design, web experiences and applications, video, printed collateral, copywriting, environmental graphics, and signage.

David Albertson / Creative Director

David Albertson is the founder of Albertson Design and has over twenty years of experience in media, publishing, and design for positive change. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and two children. You can read his LinkedIn bio here.