The Schmidt Family Foundation / October 15, 2014




The Schmidt Family Foundation is a nonprofit founded by Google CEO Eric Schmidt and his wife, Wendy. The foundation funds The 11th Hour Project and provides grants initiatives that transform environmental and energy practices today.

Albertson Design redesigned and developed the foundation’s website. We adopted a visual style that serves as a positive call to action, celebrating the worlds wonders instead of focusing on devastation in need of repair.

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TED 2014 / March 26, 2014










In 2014, TED celebrated its 30th anniversary. In addition, the nonprofit devoted to ideas worth spreading moved its annual conference from California to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Albertson Design was honored to lead the design for this milestone event, titled “The Next Chapter.” We created a visual language and identity that celebrated the legacy of TED, while emphasizing it’s continued foucs on the future. Environmental graphics were custom-integrated to the new venue, and carried through to program guides, signage, and large-scale interactive exhibits.

Program guide photo by Marla Aufmuth

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zynga_video_jenna_1 is an independent nonprofit committed to using games—and those who play them—to make the world a better place. Albertson Design led’s overhaul of its brand and messaging architecture. This included directing three videos that provided insight into’s operations and impact, both locally and worldwide.

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Partner: Gina Fromer
Game Developer: Erin Reynolds
Gamer: Jenna Kunz

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zynga_website_sf_full is an independent nonprofit committed to using games—and those who play them—to make the world a better place. Through, Zynga gamers have given $20 million to more than 30 nonprofits worldwide, and Zynga game-makers have donated thousands of volunteer hours to their San Francisco community.

Albertson Design led’s complete brand overhaul, the centerpiece being a comprehensive new website. The website humbly touts the nonprofit’s accomplishments and tactfully asserts its independence from it’s for-profit gaming company parent, Zynga.

In addition to developing new brand messaging and design, we directed three short videos. In addition, we refreshed’s logo and provided new brand materials, including messaging architecture and social media presence.

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TED 2013 — Annual Report / September 27, 2013











In addition to the program guide for TED 2013, Albertson Design also created the nonprofit’s first-ever annual report. This book summarized the entire TED organization and was distributed at the conference.

We worked across all divisions of TED—from TED Global to TED Media to TED Partnerships to TED Fellows to TED-Ed to TED Active to TEDx—and helped them structure their content for the report. We then shifted our primary focus to the report’s art direction and design, with an emphasis on beautiful execution, including a die cut book jacket and embossed cover.

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TED 2013





Every year, TED, a nonprofit dedicated to ideas worth spreading, holds a large conference in Long Beach. The event attracts the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers and challenges them to give the talk of their lives.

Albertson Design was honored to create the program guide for the 2013 event. This guide is more than just a tool for navigating the conference; it’s also a keepsake that commemorates an important and meaningful annual event for attendees.

TED’s 2013 theme, “The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered.,” grew out of a piece of artwork by artist and illustrator Oliver Jeffers. We drew inspiration from traditional book binding materials and production processes, interactivity, and cartography. We also worked to incorporate the painterly nature of Jeffers’ work, and Jeffers created the lettering for the program guide’s cover and titles.

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Metabiota Rebrand / October 2, 2012

When we get the chance to help a company reinvent itself, we jump at the opportunity. Metabiota (meh-ta-bi-Oh-tah) is a newly named corporation that brings data science to the field of biological threat assessment. Their global operations track the emergence of animal-borne diseases, and work to contain and control them before they make the leap to humans.

As part of a comprehensive rebranding, we conducted workshops and interviews with key stakeholders to inform our naming process, and the creation of visual concepts for trade mark, logo and online presence. Shown here are pages from the web site. You can also see some of the logo design process on our blog here.

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TED 2012 / June 4, 2012

The annual TED Conference in Long Beach is the crown jewel of the TED organization, a nonprofit dedicated to Ideas Worth Spreading. Conference organizers bring together the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers, and challenge them to give the talk of their lives (in 18 minutes or less). The accompanying program guide is more than a collection of impressive biographies. It is a communications tool and a design object that has to express the big idea of the conference itself.

Early on, we realized that the event theme, “Full Spectrum” was more than a general indication of the conference content, but also a challenge to the standard TED presentation format and experience. This was where we started our exploration into the design of the program guide: what would the experience of the program guide be like?

We looked at previous years, and heard a lot about what conference attendees love and hate: “They hate small type,” “They love being able to take notes and rate the speakers,” “They love when it lies flat,” “They hate ‘too many’ pages…” We took a lot of notes, and came back with an approach that made inventive use of materials, was interactive and playful, yet highly functional.

The results were the highest-rated ever by the TED community. Here’s a quote: “Of the six years I’ve attended, this was the first time I took a meaningful set of notes, an activity that not only improved my experience of the actual event but that also serves as a great tool for reflection and integration now that the conference is over.”

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TED Fellows Award / August 18, 2011

The TED Fellows program helps world-changing innovators from around the globe become part of the TED community and, with its help, amplify the impact of their remarkable projects and activities. Fellows are drawn from many disciplines that reflect the diversity of TED’s members: technology, entertainment, design, the sciences, the humanities, the arts, NGOs, business and more.

We were commissioned to create a simple, yet elegant memento for the Fellows as a reminder of their association with TED and the TED community.

Learn more about the TED Fellows

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GVFI / August 11, 2010

Rather than responding to epidemics after they have spread globally, GVFI (Global Viral Forecasting Initiative) has created a pilot for the first early-warning system to prevent novel pandemics. Their field research in several developing countries with humans who are highly exposed to animals allows GVFI to track viruses and other agents as they move from animals into human populations, providing basic insights into how new diseases enter humans and improving our ability to decrease the frequency of such events. Albertson Design provided creative direction and design of collateral materials to communicate the potential impact of GVFI’s success.

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