Greylock Partners / August 24, 2015


Greylock_website_iphone mockup


Greylock Partners is the storied venture capital firm that has backed such massive technology companies as LinkedIn, Facebook, Pandora, and Airbnb. And although the firm has been investing for 50 years, it continues to be one of the most modern, forward-thinking, and innovative VC firms in Silicon Valley.

We were approached by Greylock to completely redesign the firm’s website to better reflect their modern, straightforward culture. The design philosophy we developed after discussions with internal stakeholders and the CEOs of various Greylock portfolio companies can be summarized in one word: “streamline.” This meant a simplified interface, a limited overall number of clicks to content, a clean and spacious layout, and a handful of microinteractive engagements.

From the outset, we delved deep into strategy with Greylock’s Marketing Partner, Elisa Schreiber. Her intent was to leverage Greylock’s platform to amplify the portfolio companies; an appropriate move for the firm, given their laser focus on doing all they can to support the entrepreneurs they back. The result is a continuous stream of news and announcements celebrating the companies they are helping to build into Silicon Valley success stories. Message to entrepreneurs: Greylock can help you win.

—Research and Stakeholder Interviews (Internal and External)
—Content Strategy and Messaging
—Site Architecture
—Mobile-first Design
—Responsive WordPress Development

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Good Infographics / May 22, 2014



GOOD Magazine is a quarterly publication that covers our ever-changing identity as global citizens and champions creative change. Albertson Design collaborated with GOOD to create infographics on a variety of topics, including immigration and the U.S. political climate, depicted here, and published in Taschen’s Information Graphics.

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Rise of the DEO




Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design, by Maria Giudice and Christopher Ireland, lays out a new approach to business leadership that prizes those who understand “the transformative power of design.” Albertson Design crafted the book’s visual language and extended that into a comprehensive brand guide for social media.

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TED 2013 — Annual Report / September 27, 2013











In addition to the program guide for TED 2013, Albertson Design also created the nonprofit’s first-ever annual report. This book summarized the entire TED organization and was distributed at the conference.

We worked across all divisions of TED—from TED Global to TED Media to TED Partnerships to TED Fellows to TED-Ed to TED Active to TEDx—and helped them structure their content for the report. We then shifted our primary focus to the report’s art direction and design, with an emphasis on beautiful execution, including a die cut book jacket and embossed cover.

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TED 2013





Every year, TED, a nonprofit dedicated to ideas worth spreading, holds a large conference in Long Beach. The event attracts the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers and challenges them to give the talk of their lives.

Albertson Design was honored to create the program guide for the 2013 event. This guide is more than just a tool for navigating the conference; it’s also a keepsake that commemorates an important and meaningful annual event for attendees.

TED’s 2013 theme, “The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered.,” grew out of a piece of artwork by artist and illustrator Oliver Jeffers. We drew inspiration from traditional book binding materials and production processes, interactivity, and cartography. We also worked to incorporate the painterly nature of Jeffers’ work, and Jeffers created the lettering for the program guide’s cover and titles.

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TED 2012 / June 4, 2012

The annual TED Conference in Long Beach is the crown jewel of the TED organization, a nonprofit dedicated to Ideas Worth Spreading. Conference organizers bring together the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers, and challenge them to give the talk of their lives (in 18 minutes or less). The accompanying program guide is more than a collection of impressive biographies. It is a communications tool and a design object that has to express the big idea of the conference itself.

Early on, we realized that the event theme, “Full Spectrum” was more than a general indication of the conference content, but also a challenge to the standard TED presentation format and experience. This was where we started our exploration into the design of the program guide: what would the experience of the program guide be like?

We looked at previous years, and heard a lot about what conference attendees love and hate: “They hate small type,” “They love being able to take notes and rate the speakers,” “They love when it lies flat,” “They hate ‘too many’ pages…” We took a lot of notes, and came back with an approach that made inventive use of materials, was interactive and playful, yet highly functional.

The results were the highest-rated ever by the TED community. Here’s a quote: “Of the six years I’ve attended, this was the first time I took a meaningful set of notes, an activity that not only improved my experience of the actual event but that also serves as a great tool for reflection and integration now that the conference is over.”

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Chow Magazine / April 18, 2012

Chow MagazineChow MagazineChow MagazineChow MagazineChow MagazineChow Magazine

Introduced in November of 2004, Chow is an alternative media brand for an info-hungry and iconclastic audience— definitely not “Martha’s people.” As the founding creative agency, we served up an editorial concoction of recipes, restaurants, entertainment, and accessories in a bold and colorful way—with just a dash of attitude. Chow is now a CBS Interactive channel.

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TED Fellows Award / August 18, 2011

The TED Fellows program helps world-changing innovators from around the globe become part of the TED community and, with its help, amplify the impact of their remarkable projects and activities. Fellows are drawn from many disciplines that reflect the diversity of TED’s members: technology, entertainment, design, the sciences, the humanities, the arts, NGOs, business and more.

We were commissioned to create a simple, yet elegant memento for the Fellows as a reminder of their association with TED and the TED community.

Learn more about the TED Fellows

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TEDIndia / August 11, 2010

The TED Conference comes to India for the first time, and Albertson Design was commissioned to design and produce the program guide for all attendees. The 200-plus page booklet features an open-spine (to lay flat for note-taking), a cover that coverts to a poster (for added keepsake-potential), and “secret” edge-trim messaging (for sheer delight).

See our video of the book in action here. Our gratitude to illustrator/translator Sagarika Sundaram.

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Pillsbury Digest / July 30, 2009






Pillsbury is a global full-service law firm with market-leading strengths in the energy, financial services, real estate and technology sectors. Aside from winning cases, law firms must have distinctive recruiting materials to attract the best and brightest law school graduates. Our challenge was to leverage an existing collection of brochures and create a new all-in-one recruiting brochure. The creative solution was a discreet printed digest, each section focusing on a different area of frequently asked questions. “How do I balance work with life at Pillsbury?”; “Does this firm share my interests?”; “After putting myself through law school, what will make Pillsbury the right next step?” Each of these sections were treated with a visual approach, to increase the likelihood that students would engage with the content, and keep the brochure as a design object.

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