Ezuza Brand Launch






Ezuza is a new mobile money service currently launching in Mexico. It provides a safe and easy way for cashed-based consumers to carry their money on their cell phones. Albertson Design developed its bilingual content strategy and drove the brand’s launch.

We led workshops, reviewed existing research, and conducted new deep research on the cultural superstitions around money and luck, which greatly influenced our creative process. For example, we learned that the Spanish word for effective, efectivo, is also a slang term for cash. This colloquialism became a driving force in our messaging, with the line Más efectivo que el efectivo (It’s more effective than cash).

We created a complete brand messaging architecture, provided an audit and update of their identity, developed brand creative with a native speaking member of our team, and prepared bilingual presentations. Deliverables included outdoor advertising, website, collateral, and consumer and trade communications materials.

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