Client Recognition

Tom Rielly
Community Director
TED Conferences

“Albertson Design combines what you want in a design boutique: a star designer, brilliant creative, low overhead, cost-effectiveness and most importantly a real human connection. TED has been working with David for over 3 years and he’s become our principal outside designer. If you look at his work for us, you’ll immediately know why.”


Thad Vogler
Bar Agricole

“Albertson Design provides a kind of full service experience I did not anticipate. First, they took the time to understand my industry and the way my business figures into it. Then they took a broad, holistic view which very gradually became more and more focused until we arrived at a campaign that seemed like it had been waiting for me all along. Not only did Albertson Design exceed my expectations in creating a graphic identity but he helped develop a company culture that still benefits me today. It was a truly wonderful professional experience.”


Emily McManus

“David designed and produced the program guide and overall design concept for TED2012, our annual conference in Long Beach, California. The theme of the conference was “Full Spectrum.” And beyond those two words … a blank page! David worked with us for weeks to help figure out what we wanted those two words to actually look like. On a project with a lot of stakeholders and deliverables, he kept us focused on the vision, and steered us toward a clean, elegant and surprising final product.

The program guide he produced for TED2012 was one of our highest-rated ever by attendees. It met our two goals: Being satisfying to use day to day (more than 40% of survey respondents said they took “extensive notes” in it) and forming a valued keepsake and record of the event. The handouts and wall posters he produced maintained the bold look of the conference across multiple venues.

David also produced a very clear and useful styleguide, detailing palette, fonts and vision, for the designers who managed other aspects of the conference, from onsite signage to attendee emails. He was a graceful and enthusiastic collaborator with those teams and set them up to carry through his design at every level.”


Karen Fischer
Director of Operations
Napa Valley Think Tank

“Working with the team at Albertson Design was a real pleasure. They embody a rare combination of creative dynamism and professional excellence. They took us through a very methodical, creative and fun brand identity development process as our start-up was just getting off the ground, and we continued working together on all of our creative and branding projects during the company’s tenure. In every instance and all of our interactions, the AD team delivered high quality products and services with expertise and care. From the onset, they fully vested themselves in our success and we were better for it.”




100 Habits of Successful Publication Designers
Laurel Saville
Rockport Publishers

Lovers of book, magazine, and journal design have the opportunity to peel back the curtain and see how the designers, editors, and illustrators behind the scenes make it happen. Creative Director David Albertson was interviewed for insights into his editorial design process.

Design Life Now: National Design Triennial 2006
Barbara Bloemink, Brooke Hodge, Ellen Lupton
Smithsonian / Cooper-Hewitt

The National Design Triennial, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum’s groundbreaking exhibition series, celebrates the most creative and forward-thinking designs, cutting-edge trends, and future horizons across the fields of design practice. Albertson Design was honored by the inclusion of their creative work for Make Magazine.




National Design Triennial 2006
Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum
Client: Make Magazine