What We Do

We partner with marketing leadership to align stakeholders around a clear story, reinforcing your firm's value to portfolio companies.

Insights Through workshops and interviews, we uncover detailed insights about your audience: their perspectives, their aspirations, their concerns, their desires. This qualitative research allows us to uncover the compelling stories that drive our designs. We also delve into the UX and functionality of your current site, providing analysis of user flows and strategies for improving navigation & clarity.

Brand Messaging We work with you to craft a clearly stated point of view that aligns your vision and your opportunity— targeted towards the interests of your audience.

Design We are design junkies, working comfortably across media to deliver substantive, authentic brand expressions. We’ve been doing it for years.

Production Great products require experienced personnel and a trusted vendor network. We bring years of expertise in web experiences and applications, video, printed collateral, environmental graphics, and signage.


We lead a network of accomplished designers, coders, researchers, storytellers, and artists.

Founder & Creative Director

David Albertson has over twenty years of experience in media, visual identity, and design for thought leadership. He is the primary contact for all teams engaged in meeting your goals, and directly leads all creative efforts.

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Strategy & Content Director

Marc Weidenbaum’s decades of editorial management and culture journalism inform our work. He leads research and content strategy for all projects.

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