Behind the plain metal door of a Berkeley warehouse is an array of machines you would typically see in a large automobile assembly: Robots, conveyor belts, wires, and pneumatic tubes stretched between metallic boxes with dials and flashing lights. This is the home of Arris Composites, a young company setting the manufacturing industry on a new course.

In one area, cordoned off from view by large black tarps, new designs for consumer devices are being made thinner, stronger, more flexible, and less expensive by cutting edge manufacturing techniques. Arris is using a multi-pronged approach that combines aerospace-level materials with traditional molding and assembly to push product design into an emerging new paradigm.

The brand identity for Arris is based on a number of visual metaphors: the weaving of many materials into a single form, the convergence of multiple technologies, the dynamic shift of discovery, and quite literally, the definition of the name itself. An arris, in architecture is the point at which two surfaces meet, like in a vaulted ceiling.