An unprecedented celebration of a new food movement, Slow Food Nation was a three-day public event of tastings, seminars, farm visits and panel discussions. Over 85,000 people attended, connecting community and cuisine. Albertson Design provided a comprehensive brand identity that spread to advertising, web, and environmental graphic applications.

Our first invitation was to meet with Alice Waters, legendary restaurateur and co-founder of Slow Food USA. We pitched some poster ideas with humorous slogans and visual puns to get across our idea to reach a broad audience: encourage a sense of activism without taking it all too seriously.

It must have been a good meeting, as she invited us to stay for lunch.

As massive preparations began, we worked closely with the director, Anya Fernald, to build the website, advertising, signage, architectural styling, program guides, posters, buttons, bags, and t-shirts. We even designed a companion book about organic farmers.

Our creative direction was to keep the visual language minimal, so it can scale across multiple executions: limited color palette and type, graphics that function well in lo-fi production, and a bold, but playful advertising campaign.