The legendary Alice Waters founded Chez Panisse Restaurant in 1971, which is now known around the world as the birthplace of California cuisine, and the sustainable food movement. This one of a kind destination is still overseen by Alice who remains engaged in every aesthetic and operational decision at her pioneering restaurant.

Our challenge was to translate the Chez Panisse restaurant experience and deliver a brand and online presence that is delightful, yet functional, with an unexpected narrative.

Collaborating closely with Alice, we delved into her admiration of 1930’s French film maker, Marcel Pagnol—the restaurant’s name, in fact, is inspired by one of his famous films. The walls of the upstairs café are covered with film stills and posters of works by Pagnol, an era of pre-war Europe when life seemed simpler, and people’s connection to food and drink was a more direct experience, rich with family traditions and symbolism of love. In short, we took a cue from Alice’s creativity and ran with it.


The final direction spoke volumes about Alice’s philosophy and cuisine in a uniquely relevant, and deeply personal expression. Visit