Greylock Partners is the storied venture capital firm that has backed such massive technology companies as LinkedIn, Facebook, Pandora, and Airbnb. And although the firm has been investing for more than 50 years, it continues to be one of the most modern, forward-thinking, and innovative VC firms in Silicon Valley.

We were approached by Greylock to completely redesign the firm’s website to better reflect their modern, straightforward culture. The design philosophy we developed after discussions with internal stakeholders and the CEOs of various Greylock portfolio companies can be summarized in one word: streamline.

Every decision we made was filtered through this lens of streamlining. We edited mercilessly; and we focused on making it ridiculously easy for entrepreneurs to find the information they needed, with minimal clicks to get there: a clean interface with a limited overall number of pages.

Greylock also needed to be brought into the mobile-first world. We were really fixated on the idea that the site will be visited in a car on the way to a meeting with a Greylock team member. We worked our way out to the full-scale website from there.

At any given time, Greylock has more than 80 active portfolio companies. It has always been a core tenet of the firm’s culture to put the entrepreneur first and do everything possible to support those companies. With this in mind, we built a lightweight and simple CMS so the Greylock team could move quickly to publish portfolio company news. The build was so successful that portfolio companies are requesting promotion on the site regularly.

And lastly, whenever possible, we used the platforms of the companies that Greylock has backed. For example, instead of building a stand-alone blog for company news, we designed a repository of clickable headlines that pushed traffic to Medium and LinkedIn. In fact, Greylock was one of the first companies to use Medium as the home for its company blog: at once supporting a Greylock portfolio company and innovating on how corporations share their news.

This partnership on the website led to subsequent work with Greylock, which asked us to develop a series of short videos profiling company builders in the firm’s network. The series is called Greymatter, and it is published exclusively through TechCrunch. Learn more about the Greymatter video series.