Pivotal hired Albertson Design to help them write their brand story right. They’d tried it before and the process got tied up internally. Pivotal has a tremendous team of content producers on staff. Sometimes it just helps to get an outside perspective, an outside process. That’s especially valuable when it comes to the heavily-trafficked home page of a rapidly-evolving tech company serving one third of the Fortune 500.

We dug deep, interviewing management across multiple divisions in half a dozen cities, as well as partners and clients. We utilized our process of sorting out audiences, figuring out what those varied eyes are looking for, and then working to align that perceived need with the actions and impressions desired by our client.

Collaboratively with a small senior team at Pivotal, we built the Pivotal Point of View: a strategy blended with a creative concepting process. The POV helped them articulate their distinctive strengths, and the story themes that would positively impact the next 18 months of site visitors.

In the next step, those creative themes were scrutinized by a core team, led by Ian Andrews, VP of Products, and Lauren Volpi, Director of DIgital Marketing. Co-creation is essential to our process. Themes were then carefully unfolded the selected theme into creative copy for the company homepage and its about us page — and subsequently expanded into a second phase involving the company’s methodologies. Our iterative process of creating, reviewing, and creating again has a lot in common with the agile software processes that Pivotal provides to its client base. It then took thousands of words to get to the six that now sit atop the company’s homepage: “The Way The Future Gets Built.” These six words provide a distillation of the key points that surfaced during our work on the point of view: “The Way” connects to Pivotal’s emphasis on opinionated methodologies, “The Future” appeals to their clients’ aspiration to evolve, and “Gets Built” aligns with Pivotal’s focus on outcomes.

And the strategic work we did proved to have lasting value as other pages within the company’s website have begun to get updated and rewritten.