The glue between investors and the leaders of their portfolio companies is a carefully managed relationship. Over nearly four decades, Battery Ventures has built relationships with more than 400 companies globally, resulting in more than 60 IPOs and 170 M&A events. Our job was to help bring that legacy of success forward and repackage it with refreshed messaging and design.

Interviewing partners and company CEOs guided the new brand messaging to emphasize partnership, experience, a global presence, and deep expertise in B2B software tech. Prioritizing and balancing each of these key attributes required group discussion, emphasizing clarity and hierarchy, and of course, legal compliance.

Battery’s VP of Marketing Communications, Becky Buckman, assembled a group of three key partners for the web leadership team. Together, we reexamined the entire structure of the site, clearly delineated pathways for site visitors, and fine-tuned interactive features to make them more intuitive. Each page of the site leveraged and expanded their new visual identity, beautifully crafted by London’s Planning Unit.

Production of a site with this many pages and content links was a tightly managed operation, including migration, feature testing, and the intuitive cross-linking of content. Our goal at the end of the day was to improve the relationship between Battery and their digital visitors: that same group of entrepreneurs we spent time getting to know at the outset of the project.